I cannot stand bad grammar. It does not matter if I am writing a resume, a letter to my grandmother or I am instant messaging someone, I ALWAYS correct write correctly. If someone wants to stress certain words, phrases and such as I had in the last sentence, an occasional misnomer like spelling a word in upper case letters can be acceptable, but confusing youíre and your, is not! EVER!

If English is not a first language, at least give a disclaimer to your audience, so that no one concludes that you are an idiot! Jesus Christ! I am so sick of going into some forum to talk about something worthwhile, like the USís impact on global economies, and having to debate with some retard in Kansas telling me, "I do not know what itís like over their." Over their what? Why the hell should I listen to anything you have to say, when you cannot communicate properly?! Heaven, help me.

Few things cause me to almost convulse in anger as does poor grammar. The unfortunate ignorant among us, anger-ridden instant messages, and people mispronouncing words (such as saying FOIL-age instead of FO-li-age), come very close in that regard, but nothing angers me as much as when my eyes come across "than" when the word should be "then."

To aid in my own endeavor to rid the world of the dubiously stupid, every page of my website will be written in accordance with proper grammar (with the exception of Fashion because everything there is intended as a vocal extension/quotation and not true written word). This includes not using contractions and not ending sentences with prepositions. I would never use anything less than perfection in my writing in regards to any formal engagement, and I cannot see why I should on my voice to the world. I know am right in this regard and KNOW all should follow in my suit.

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